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Mamun Spice Expert

Mamun – Spice Expert

Mamun has worked with us since 2008, is our head chef in Orso and our in-​house spice expert. We wanted to bring new and bold flavours to guests when we opened Orso in 2012 and Mamun has been with us since our open­ing day ful­fill­ing this mis­sion. We buy from spices from small local sup­pli­ers & from The Eng­lish Mar­ket, then spend time roast­ing & grind­ing them to enhance the flavours of each dish we cook, bring­ing the indi­vid­u­al­ity of that dish to our cus­tomers table.

In an age where too many kitchens rely on pre-​mixed spice flavour­ings from the cash and carry, to work with a per­son as skilled and intu­itive in this area is a plea­sure. Mamun will shortly start in-​house Spice and Flavour­ing classes for col­leagues to ensure the stan­dards remain as high through­out our restau­rant group as he has set them. Due to demand from our loyal cus­tomers, he has also pro­duced an in-​house range, sold at our coun­ters. The spices sold here are inte­gral to the many dishes cre­ated & cooked by Mamun on a daily basis, and their fresh­ness guar­an­tees excel­lent results in bring­ing the flavours home to your own din­ing tables. Please check our counter to see if these are avail­able on your next visit.

Have a ques­tion for Mamun about spices? info@​orso.​ie

Want to sup­ply us with or rec­om­mend a spice we should use? info@​orso.​ie

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